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Our Loyalty Membership is a great way to ensure that your business has access to new marketing materials on an ongoing monthly basis.

For 12 months, these marketing materials will be form-fitted for your organization and with your end goal in mind.

Changing designers when immediate needs arise causes stress, inconsistency, wastes time, and constantly leaves your brand in the hands of a stranger. By joining the Loyalty membership, you will have priority with your requests and peace of mind knowing that we have an intimate knowledge of your organization’s needs.

Details of the

Loyalty Membership

01. Hourly Rate

Your membership will include a set number of hours per month. The more hours you commit to each month, the more money you save. When applicable, overage hours will be billed at the standard hourly rate of the package you choose.

02. Less Paperwork

You will receive a detailed custom proposal & contract to fit your needs specifically. This will lay out contract length, retainer details, invoicing procedure, payment methods, turnaround times, and cancellation policies.

03. Payment & Invoicing

You will get an invoice on the first day of each month. The invoices will include the loyalty membership rate for that month. To ensure that we can allow time for your projects and plan our workload accordingly, hours do not roll over.

04. Priority of Service

Because you have committed to us. We are committing to you. By joining the Loyalty Membership, you will receive priority of service & shorter turnaround times. This includes a monthly 15-minute Strategy Session.

Loyalty Membership

Monthly Packages

Date & Cost Label

Investment: $500 Per Month

5 Hours / ea. Month
Save $75 / ea. Month
1 Strategy Session / ea. Month

Date & Cost Label

Investment: $850 Per Month

10 Hours / ea. Month
Save $500 / ea. Month
1 Strategy Session / ea. Month

Date & Cost Label

Investment: $1,875 Per Month

25 Credits / ea. Month
Save $1,875 / ea. Month
1 Strategy Session / ea. Month

How to Use Your

Monthly Hours

We offer a wide range of print & online collateral to help communicate your brand’s message.

Each month you choose the collateral that best fits your immediate need. These are our most popular designs; additional items are available upon request.

Letterhead – 1 Hour
Business Card – 1 Hour
Envelope – 1 Hour
Notepad – 1 Hour
Ticket – 1 Hour
Flyer – 1 Hour
Postcard – 1 Hour

One Sheeter – 1 Hour
Resume Background – 1 Hour
Digital Artwork – 1 Hour
Thank You Card – 2 Hours
Tri-Fold Brochure – 2 Hours
T-Shirt – 3 Hours
Outdoor/Indoor Banner – 3 Hours

Billboard – 3 Hours
Book Cover – 3 Hours
CD Jacket – 3 Hours
Newsletter – 4 Hours (4 pages)
Obituary – 4 Hours (4 pages)
Magazine – 4 Hours (4 pages)
CD/DVD Four Panel – 4 Hours

Our Process

Step One: Discovery

I’ll meet with you to via phone conference to discuss your project & brand requirements.

Step Two: Pre Work

You will receive a Project Detail Request Email to help you collect everything required for your project.

Step Three: Create

Here is where the magic happens! Based on our discovery call and pre-work, we’ll create your designs.

Step Four: Refine

We will implement your revisions, feedback, and make sure all the details are finalized.

Step Five: Launch

We’ll meet for a walk-through of your designs, leaving you feeling confident and empowered!

Ready To Work

I help entrepreneurs like you Think, Create, & Launch Your Genius through Brand Strategy & Design. If you’re finally ready to show up with a brand this is as unique and dope as you are, click the below button and book your clarity call.

Think + Create + Launch

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