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Option 1

The Brand


Have you ever wondered what people think when they see your logo, website or marketing materials? Have you ever asked for feedback on your brand by posting on social media to your family and friends? The best way to get actionable feedback on your brand is by having a brand consultant do the evaluation. We have created a unique 6-point system to help you achieve just that.

Building a brand is a process. Before you start developing a color scheme, logo and crafting your unique message, it’s important to know what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong. A Brand Audit provides a detailed scope of where you are and actionable steps to help you develop an industry-leading brand.

This 2-Hour session is administered face-to-face or phone conference & will include a downloadable workbook.

Here’s the breakdown of what is included in your 2-Hour Brand Audit Session

1st Point - Your Logo

A logo is one of the most common visuals that entrepreneurs think of when they think of branding. However, there’s so much more to branding than a logo. We’ll assess whether or not your logo meets industry standards.

2nd Point - Your Colors

Psychologists have studied and have found a strong correlation between colors and emotional responses. So, we will evaluate whether or not you are using color in the most appropriate manner to attract potential clients.

3rd Point - Your Fonts

Without a doubt, fonts portray personality! Sometimes personality can make the difference between being perceived as a low-end or a premium brand. We will determine if your fonts coincide with your brand personality.

4th Point - Your Photos & Videos

Pictures and videos tell a story. They say a picture is worth 1,000 words. We will evaluate the story you are telling through your images and videos.

5th Point - Your Social Media

A strong brand has a social media presence. We will sift through your social media accounts to see if they attract or repel ideal customers or clients.

6th Point - Your Website

Having a web presence is critical in this digital age. However, we will take a look at whether your site design is efficient and robust.

Option 2

Hour Of


Hour of Power is a one-on-one session which focuses on primary branding areas. We will assess your brand and decipher challenges, create a brand action plan and offer guidance to create a top brand with a clear message.

We are here to brainstorm and provide you with expert branding advise. Our goal is to make your brand stand above the rest. With over a decade of experience, our team will provide you with a detailed evaluation enhancing your professional image and brand.

These 60-minute sessions are administered via face-to-face or phone conference & focus on major areas of concern in your brand.


The Business Owner who want brand recognition or need to gain more visibility, more credibility, and ultimately more profitability. The Service Provider who need to claim their brilliance and leverage their skills and expertise so they can increase profits. The Expert who desire to become recognized thought leaders to command higher speaking fees and fill seminars and workshops. The Employee on the rise within a company and desire to become more attractive for the next big opportunity or promotion.

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